A GATE AIR-1’s Preparation

As I’ve promised many, this is the post to let all know how it all started and ended. I’ll be largely focusing on only my preparation and shall provide suggestion with my own experience for each subject. Since many want it as early as possible I’m not taking care of my English in this post and my sincere apologies if you find any mistakes or if you find this post boring. I’ll constantly be updating this one. You can post what ever comments you like but please let them be on GATE alone because I feel it will be useful for many.

The Very Beginning (You can skip this and jump directly to the next section)

In my BTech, the only thing I knew about GATE was that we could do PG in India using GATE scores. I had no idea other than that. It was because there were hardly two to three persons from each batch writing GATE in our college. Most of those interested in higher studies go abroad, mostly to decent universities. I was not even thinking of my future plans when I was in my fourth year because I wanted to concentrate on my project. It was not until the end of my BTech I started planning. I wanted to go abroad for doing my masters in Robotics, given that I had a decent background. I applied for GRE. I thought about GATE also at this point since I was doubtful whether I could afford for higher studies in USA.

Slowly I began feeling uncomfortable about leaving my core studies (Electronics). I decided to drop my plans, cancelled my GRE and phoned the HR manager of the company where I got placed about my interest in doing the job. She accepted my request though I was late by one month. My job was in Embedded Systems and it was very interesting and challenging. I wanted to write GATE also, so I had applied. It was winter time in Delhi and Noida in 2010 and I was totally new to the place. I didn’t even look into the textbooks. The weekend just before the exam Sunday, I went for a tour with my friends. On the previous day of the exam I went through the EMT book by Sadiku. That’s all the preparation I had. The exam was so strange to me that I was surprised to see General Aptitude section. A month after the exam, the results came out and I got 42 marks with AIR-4898. Out of them, more than 10 marks were from Aptitude. It was not at all surprising or disappointing but the result infused a kind of obsession.

I was actually willing to go to any IIT, preferably IITD because I would get a scholarship which a professor from a Thailand university told me about when presenting my Robots at my college. But with this result it was like building castles in the air.


When I used to tell any one about my interest in writing GATE they would ask me about my aim. When a colleague asked me the same, my mind was totally blank. He said, “generally people aim for IISc, so what is your interest?”. I said I was looking for a good college just for the sake of saying something. So what really was my aim? If at all I had plans, I had to look for something big, something considered as the best. And then came a friend who used to say I was aiming for IISc though I never told her. So this is why IISc became the best in my thoughts. I was not aware of anything other than that. So I started my preparation. This is where the real challenge started and I wanted to give my best.

The Second Attempt

I thought about my conceptual levels in each subject. The only thing that I was comfortable in the syllabus was EMT. Communication Engineering was the subject that scared me a lot. In the rest, I was confident that I could manage. What I want? I want the best. So to get the best, you have to overcome the fears. Did it ring any bells? Yes, the lesson from Batman. Unfortunately I can’t remember the time I spent on each subject, but the whole preparation was almost for 10 months starting from April.

So I started with Communication Engineering. I was willing to spend as much time as it would take. I had only weekends, mornings and nights. I was little afraid to plan and manage my timings because of sudden surprises in the form of new movie releases, parties thrown by my friends and office work. I started with Amplitude Modulation. I had an old book, in view of its edition and also the manufactured date, borrowed from my friend, “Communication Systems, 2nd edition” by Simon Haykin. You could break the pages, it was that old! It was not at all boring as I was reading something very exotic for me. I managed to complete Amplitude Modulation and then the real problem came when I started Angle Modulation. After a few hours of searching on the internet NPTEL lectures proved to be very useful. Somehow I managed to complete Angle Modulation also. Digital modulation was very interesting but the book was of an older edition, so you could find some mistakes. In my case, I thought I was wrong when I was doubtful about some of the concepts. I just left them thinking that I would get answers in my revision.

Then I started preparing Analog Electronics from the book “Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory” by Boylestad and Nashelsky. After reading each chapter I solved the problems from the same book. I began to feel time running out of my hands after completing 4 or 5 chapters. So the decision was to just read the concepts then to solve problems if time would permit and it never permitted as usually.

It was time for some physics, the beautiful Electronic Devices. A friend of mine where I worked gave me the book “Solid State Electronic Devices” by Streetman, Banarjee. Initial chapters on Quantum Mechanics were really interesting though I never knew or searched for where the operators had come from. Reading these chapters for GATE like exam is an overkill but I couldn’t resist my interest. I kept on reading it. The concepts were so interesting that I revised it for almost 3 times, of course after I read the other subjects. This was the first time I learnt the usefulness of writing comments in a textbook. It helped me a lot in my revision.

I had very little time left for the other subjects, namely Digital Electronics, Network Theory, Signals and Systems, Control Systems, Electromagnetic Theory and Mathematics. I think it was almost 3 to 4 months left for the exam, but I was a little confident about these subjects. Control Systems was my first choice among them, then Digital, Signals, N/W Theory and EMT came in that order. I hardly spent a week on maths.

After all these, two weeks to go for the exam. I managed to complete a pending project in the office at that time, so I asked my TL if he could grant me two weeks for my preparation. I’m very thankful for him to be so generous. That was the time when I made calculations on how to manage my time. Unfortunately the calculations decided me to spend all my time on revision and no problem solving. Remember it was winter time in Noida with no one at home. I had to prepare my food all by myself and if you don’t eat, the weather doesn’t allow you to read, especially if you are thin. I found three quick to make items that would give me all supplements I need – Kichdi (with Daal, Rice and salt), Omelette and Curd. This was my food for the two weeks.

My mind was so obsessed to get a top rank that I decided to solve all the problems in the exam. My strategy was to directly go to the common data questions which could be manageable in less time as the data was common for two questions and could get me 4 marks. I was wrong in all my aspects. The common data question from N/W theory made me spend almost 15 minutes without a result. That was the real killer. Then I went for 1 mark questions then for two mark ones. I knew I was going to be messed up. After not getting answers for the EMT questions, my confidence levels came down drastically. After three hours, I left a few questions unread from Control Systems and Signals which were the easiest among all. It was a disaster left me blank minded. I got 32.33 marks with 3360 rank. I always believe that failure and competition makes you to be better, so was ready to give it one more try but this time with much more preparation.

Six Months After the Exam

After the results I didn’t do any thing for a month except going to office and chilling out. For a month or two later I went through first few chapters of the book “Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes ” by Papoulis. After that I did a Crptography course on Coursera out of my interest, for one and a half month. I decided to leave my job for full-fledged preparation, so submitted my resignation letter and was in notice period for more than two months till July 20th. I could not come out early because of an ongoing project. Meanwhile my father paid the fee for my coaching at ACE, Abids branch. I was the first person to apply for GM5 batch, my roll number was 01. I thought GM meant Good Morning and still I don’t know what it stands for.

Six months Before the Exam (The Real Preparation for GATE-13)

The classes started from July 22nd. I had to inevitably miss a few of the initial classes. My actual preparation kicked off from mid August. I made a schedule and allocated times for each subject depending upon my previous experience. I have uploaded the photo (below) of the sticky notes on which I wrote down the schedule. I made some changes to the schedule when ever I missed the deadlines. (In fact I never met them).


From my job I learnt to gather all the resources first for doing a project and I applied the same in my preparation. I bought all the books needed and also bought a dry-erase board for doing rough work. The photo below displays my work place.


In the following lines, I’ll be focusing on my preparation for each subject in their chronological order.

Network Theory

This is the subject that I started with and this is the one that was taught last at the coaching institute. I prepared from the text book “Engineering Circuit Analysis” by Hayt and Kemmerly. I wrote down the points which I felt tough, in a note book which I knew would help me in my revision. After each chapter I solved questions from the GATE book by R.K.Kanodia. This pattern, I followed for all subjects so I would not mention it again. After my preparation I felt it was complete and to my surprise it was not. As I said it was taught last at the institute. I decided not to go for the classes as the classes were running whole day at the end and I was not getting time for other subjects. One day I had to attend a class as it was sand-witched between two other classes and I was not willing to go all the way to home (about 20 km). Concept related to the question that pestered me in my previous attempt was taught in this class. It was based on reciprocal and non-reciprocal networks. I had already noted down a few points about this in my notes that I mentioned. The lecture on that day proved my existing concept wrong. It happened just one and a half month before the exam. That was the time I decided to attend all the classes of Network Theory. I simply like the material given and the way it deals with all the concepts. The teacher himself prepared it and I admire his teachings. I thought it would be like a revision for me, but the teachings taught me new concepts and problem solving methods.

Digital Electronics

I was very confident on this one, particularly Combinational and Sequential circuits. I followed the book “Digital Logic and Computer Design” by Morris Mano. For the later part which comprises Logic Families and Data Conversion Circuits, I read from “Digital Systems: Principles and Applications” by Ronald J. Tocci as suggested by the teacher at the coaching institute. I really don’t like 8085 to be in the syllabus as no one uses this now in any system. 8086 would have been better because of its nearness to the current Intel Core processors. In fact you can write 8086 programs to run on your home PC. What all we get for 8085 are simulators. I checked my concepts on gnusim8085 for Linux. I did not go through any book for this and needed very minimal amount of preparation, mostly from the internet and from the ACE material. Preparing for 8085 will fetch you 1 or 2 marks easily for sure as there have been questions from this topic in almost all the previous years, except in 2012. I can surely say that Digital Electronics is the topic which is easier compared to the other topics and it is a good scoring subject with respect to GATE.

Signals & Systems

This is the first subject that was taught first at the institute. I thought I knew the concepts well, but in each class I would go wrong at least once. That was a very bad situation to be in. I almost paralleled my preparation to the lectures. I strictly followed “Signal and Systems” by Oppenheim and Willsky. I didn’t require to go through the ACE material as the same was taught in the class. The material was written by the teacher himself.

Electronic Devices

Every time I read the book by Streetman and Banarjee, I felt the concepts new to me. In fact I needed so many revisions to get hold of a bit of the concepts. My book is now filled with many comments (written with pencil) and I had to buy a new one for my colleague who had given me the book, when I left my job. It was largely like a revision, but I had taken so much time again to read the book. In the very end, two days before the exam date, I read MOS integration from the same book. The notations used in the problems from R.K.Kanodia, I think, are from the book “Semiconductor Physics and Devices” by Donald Neamen. I would have followed Millman’s “Integrated Electronics” if I had not lost the book, but now I feel happy for my loss. I also looked at the other book “Semiconductor Device Fundamentals” by R.F. Pierret, but as said by a professor in an online lecture video, all these books (Streetman/Neamen/Pierret) have largely the same content and I had also observed the same.

Analog Electronics

This is the subject on which my career would base, so I took it seriously. I found the lectures at the coaching institute to be the best till then. I followed the notes and also the book by Boylestad and Nashelsky. I also had the book by Sedra and Smith right from my freshers year but never touched it. I have no explanation for this, probably because I was afraid. Two and a half months before the exam, I went through Op-Amps, Capacitors in MOSFET, Rectifiers, Signal Generators and Wave Shaping Circuits from the book by Sedra and Smith. Two weeks before, I went through CMOS Inverter, Differential Amplifier and just a week before, Feedback from the same book. The last readings were my first and last preparation for the topics mentioned. After all the preparation, I learnt that there are various methods to solve problems on finding gain, input and output resistances. I did not follow any order in my preparation for this subject.

Control Systems

The teachings at the institute for this subject proved to be very useful for my preparation. I was having my own preparation at the same time this subject was taught. I prepared for this and Communication Engineering at the same time as I was running out of my time and I had to stay at the institute almost the whole day. The teachings really reduced my preparation time. I followed “Modern Control Engineering” by Katsushiko Ogata for all the topics. For Stability Analysis, I followed “Control Systems Engineering” by Norman Nise and for Polar and Nyquist plots, I followed “Schaum’s Outline of Feedback and Control Systems” as suggested by the teacher. I had practical experience in Control Systems and my initial interest was to go into this field in Robotics. So I found this subject interesting.

Communication Engineering

After my preparation last time, I was still afraid of this subject because there were still obscure concepts from digital communications, PLL based demodulation of FM and SNR calculations. I had maintained a notes when I went through NPTEL lectures for Amplitude Modulation the last time, so I did not start with Analog Modulation. For Digital Communications I went through NPTEL lectures. The lectures were so useful that after I finished with them, I was able to do Probability of Error calculations, for basic modulation schemes, within 2 to 3 steps. I didn’t even need to remember them. At the same time classes for Analog Modulation were started in the institute which I found very useful for brushing up my concepts. In my first preparation I’ve mentioned that there are some concepts which I was dubious about in the text book “Communication Systems, 2nd edition” by Simon Haykin. I searched for errata for this edition in the internet but did not find it. So I looked in the latest edition and to my surprise, the lines which had eaten my days in my first preparation were not there in the latest edition. It means that those lines were wrong. I had probably not looked it the previous time because of lack of time. I found a lot of difference between my preparation last time and this time. The last year I was struggling to get time and a peaceful day, but this year I was all alone in my room, free to read the whole day. Also I had read probability theory after my previous attempt and I had not to go through the same again. This type of preparation proved to be very useful for me. Now Communication Engineering is not all a phantom sitting in brain, eating my nerves.

Electromagnetic Theory

Coming to the very beautiful EMT, it can be divided into two parts – Basics and Applications, with respect to GATE syllabus. Basics comprise Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, Maxwell equations and Waves. Applications comprise Wave Guides, Transmission Lines and Antennas. We had two courses in our BTech on these topics; one on Basics in the semester 2-2 and the other on Applications in 4-2. For Basics I followed “Elements of Electromagnetics” by Sadiku in 2-2. While doing the course in 4-2, I went through “Electromagnetic Waves and Radiation Systems” by Jordan and Balmain for basics as referred by a very senior professor, who taught us the course. I did not touch it again till the time I started preparing for GATE’13. Last time I went through Sadiku. Actually I did not jump directly into the subject. I completed preparing Differential Equations and Vector Calculus because of the math involved in EMT is very much depended on the two topics. Particularly, Vector Calculus was found to be very useful when preparing for Basics. I maintained my own notes for EMT starting with Vector Calculus. I still feel difficult to grasp my own notes in an hour even though the points are brief. I followed first few chapters of “Antennas and Wave Propagation” by Harish and Sachidananda for Antenna theory.


English is particularly difficult for me as my schooling was in Telugu Medium. I really thank the god for giving me some skills to manage in this language. I still am really poor in the grammar. The teachings by the English lecturer at the institute were the only source of preparation given the time I had. All the classes were held at the end and so I was not very sure about it. I looked in the internet for Reading Comprehension after attending the classes. For Vocabulary, I left it to my luck. The mistake I did was to forget the suggestions given by the lecturer, in the last class (it was, in fact, the last of all the classes in the institute), to look for Infinitives on the net. I bore the brunt of my ignorance (I lost 1.33 marks for attempting the question on this topic wrong and it is the only question that went wrong).

General Aptitude

Only class room preparation and nothing else. I feel that this one just helps to get above the cut-off mark, otherwise why does an engineer need to count apples? The questions are usually easy in GATE and one doesn’t need extra skills to solve them.


I followed the text books given at the end of this post (I have given the list of all the books I followed). The only thing I would like to write is that I didn’t solve any problems other than those solved in the class room and from previous year papers which I solved in the last month. One thing I followed was to read the math subjects which are related to the concepts of a technical subject. So math subjects were largely fillers in my preparation.

The Last Month

I remember the last class was on 14th January, so I got less than a month for my revision. I solved 7 previous year question papers, from 2004 to 2010 for almost ten days. I strictly tried to solve them within 3 hours. In the exam, one needs time to bubble, but it does not matter while solving the previous papers as they used to contain 80 to 85 questions with almost same level of difficulty. I did not touch 2011 and 2012 question papers as I had already attempted them.

In the final two weeks I revised all the topics without solving any problem and revision of all the topics is very essential to score high in competitive exams. It built up my confidence levels. I went to attempt two mock tests at the coaching institute. I did not care what my rank was in them, I just got the keys, verified my answers and tried to refresh my concepts in which I was not comfortable. It was not until 11 O’clock on the exam day, I gained confidence.

Final Hours and Exam Hours

I didn’t get sleep till 2:00 or 3:00 in the mid night and woke up early at 6 O’ clock. I was very tensed about my sleepless mind. I did not stop reading till 9. I got ready and took my lunch by 11:30. I meditated for 20 minutes. I really don’t know whether my meditation is a correct way of doing it, I just did it. I left for exam center at around 12:00 by bike and reached there before 1 O’ clock. One of my friends was also giving the exam and we were luckily allocated the same center. I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes done in the previous attempt. I did not take water almost for three hours before the exam because it was one of the killers in my previous attempt. I also bought a pouch for my stationery. I had bought a brand new model of calculator from Casio – FX991ES Plus – a few weeks before. I really suggest all to buy this one.

Just after I entered the exam hall, I thought for a moment of how to start the exam. Last time the paper was tough and I left easier questions because of lack of time. This time I decided to attempt easier questions first and then tougher ones. The only thing left was to execute the plan well (now a days I’m watching IPL and this sentence probably came from the post match presentations).

My question paper set was A. I started from second question because 2, I think, is my lucky number. Then my pencil and mind never stopped till half an hour before 5 O’ clock. The plan was executed so well. The questions that I felt tough in the first go were not so different from the easier ones. The literature just made them look hard to solve, and I think they were made so to scare us. I filled the bubbles and while filling, I solved 1 or two questions that I had left. There was a linked answer question (buy 1, get 1 free type) from State Space Analysis which I felt easy but could not solve. I got only 5 minutes to solve it and I was an utter looser for not solving that. Generally there is only a small difference in marks between two consecutive ranks. 4 mark difference may through you out of the toppers’ league.

One Month After the Exam

I would have been definitely sure about my 1st rank if at all I had solved those 4 marks. Now the original tension came to me and I had sleepless nights the whole month. Luckily the results were released (probably for load testing) 4 days before the announced date, for one to two hours. I was notified by my friend about the release and I was surprised to see AIR-1 on my laptop screen. I could not believe it! I told my parents and the friend about my rank. I did not let any one know just in case. The next day one of the professors from the ACE institute called me and asked me if had seen the results. I told him I was not sure about them. He said that those results were almost true. Actually I would not have been known by anyone at the institute, if I hadn’t written the mock tests well. He said that they had checked my results because I had got single digit rank in the mock tests. It was not until recent days I checked one of the mock test results in which I got 4th rank. This also surprised me as I felt I did not attempt it well and I forgot my calculator for that exam. In fact I did not even get time to solve the general aptitude questions (those questions really filled pages). I knew that the aptitude questions wouldn’t be too big to solve in GATE (from my previous attempts) and so was not much disappointed about them.

The other things I left are:

  1. I did not mention any of the other problems that I faced in my life. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t face any. I had my own and I never wanted them to be excuses.
  2. I used to travel by bus for almost 2 to 3 weeks in the initial days, then got my Learner’s License. My father used to come with me as pillion, teaching me bike riding for almost a month. He used to take morning walks on the tank-bund which he usually does at home. Then I got my license and I was enjoying my rides for almost 45 kilo meters a day. I used to start at 5:30 in the morning at my home and would reach the coaching center at around 6:10. I was hardly on time for the classes which I always regretted.
  3. I carried all the stationery things two in number to the exam hall. It was really lucky for a girl who forgot her calculator. You know how difficult it would be if someone forgets calculator to GATE (I forgot mine when I took my first mock test!). She saw me carrying an extra one and asked me before going into our respective rooms. Her was on the 2nd floor and mine was on the 3rd floor and it was pure coincidence that I happened to be seen by her in the ground floor. #luckmatters (I use and admire Twitter).
  4. The idea of writing this kind of post is not a sudden feeling after getting the results. Also the 1st ranker speeches are not spontaneous. I had been practicing them since I started preparation for GATE’13. I had been telling my parents and friends about my wish to top. In fact I used to tell one of my friends in the company about my dream of getting into IISc. On my final day at the company, there was one of the founders who got AIR-2 in CSE in his 4th year. I told him that he was my inspiration and he told me to try for 1st rank. It happened just 5 mins before my last look at the office building. The first rank was a dream, a wish and more than that an obsession and I happened to just make the dream real, fulfill my wish and get rid of the obsession.
  5. I really thank my friends for their support when I was in Noida. I got two very useful gifts from my friends: a watch given by my roommates and a bag given by my colleagues. I was not even thinking of buying them and believe me, these were the most useful things throughout my journey.
  6. My previous post on Machines and Indian Problems tells about my first ever exposure to the problems here and that made me want to serve my country with what ever abilities I have.
  7. There are two movies which have inspired me a lot: “The World’s Fastest Indian” and “October Sky”. Both are real stories.
  8. Lastly, I’m not sure where to join, though IISc had been my dream. Now I’m thinking of alternatives and I hope it will be clear in a couple of days.

List of Books I Followed:

Click this link for the PDF


Now it’s almost two months since the exam and I’m really sorry to post it late. I hope it’s not too late and I’m willing to give suggestions to any one who approaches me. I’ve e-mailed more than 50 members who asked me for suggestions. I didn’t e-mail many more who have sent me congratulation messages. I’m really thankful for their wishes and urge to understand my limits to reply all. If many want suggestions for their preparation, I’m up to write another post. Please let me know. I feel that preparation is different for different persons and those who are smart enough in their BTech can crack it very easily and those who are hardworking and not so smart have to go with their ability. All the very best and Adios!



  1. sai vinay raj said

    thnx alot man i have been waiting for this.i have a small sugession for alot of students opt for foreign studies but u have being a real inspiration.pls tell us some incidences that have occured u to take the desicion of serving our own country so that it will be a real inspiration for u r juniors and future gate aspirants.

    • Mounika said

      Its a motivating blog..thankyou….am facing more problems in preparing..am taking coaching in ace…..am having many douts….how can i get out of this obsession??

  2. sujithkumarb said

    I’m not really against foreign studies. They are in fact better in position. Here also there are some good institutes. The only thing many don’t like is people leaving this country to settle abroad after studying in the universities funded by government and so relatively the fee is less. It means they are getting indirect help from the government. I don’t think we can blame any because the opportunities and living conditions are not at all comparable to the developed countries.
    In my case, I’m not going to settle in the other countries. It is not that I love my country to the core (my apologies if it hurts some one), but I see lot of opportunities to serve here.

  3. Tejaswini said

    Amazing Blog! 🙂 very informative 🙂 Congratulations Sujith 🙂 Proud of you!! 🙂 🙂

    • sujithkumarb said

      Here comes the friend I’ve mentioned in the post. Thank you very much Teju….And thanks for infusing the obsession… €:^D

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    well brother this blog is motivating me a lot. thank u very much

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      I’m glad to know that. You are most welcome.

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        Thanku sujith sir.i read all of ur blogs.u really inspired me a lot.not me but 2 all engineers.sir I m preaparing EC gate14 in hyd ace academy.
        Only 2 more month left 4 xam.i partially completed my note.still left..i feel tensed regarding xam.
        Sir plz tell me how should I utilize this 2 month vry effectivly..so I got a good score.plz sir reply.. Thanku..

      • Satyajeet said

        Thanku sujith sir.i read all of ur blogs.u really inspired me a lot.not me but 2 all engineers.sir I m preaparing EC gate14 in hyd ace academy.
        Only 2 more month left 4 xam.i partially completed my note.still left..i feel tensed regarding xam.
        Sir plz tell me how should I utilize this 2 month vry effectivly..so that I can get a good score.plz sir reply.. Thanku..

      • Satyajeet said

        Plz sir tell me hw 2 prepare the last 2 month..i am in grt jinx..help me plz

  5. janu said

    can u plz suggest any ideas for cse students

    • sujithkumarb said

      I don’t know any thing about GATE in CSE, except the syllabus. I’m sorry!

    • janu said

      Hi can u tell me how did u spent ur time in ur hostel

      • sujithkumarb said

        If you are talking about my stay during the preparation, actually I was staying at home.

  6. krishna thej said

    i already congratulated him.

    very helpful person who replied me saying that he willl help me even after mentioning my rank(10000) …… while a person who got 4900 laughed at me.
    such simplicity is attained only after attaining a great height.

    thank you very much for ur reply and your post.

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I feel it as my responsibility.

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    nyc blog where it is useful for all

  8. thanks for giving suggestion.respected brother i was saw you on monday march18 2013 inside eenadu paper(chaduvu) along with EEE topper beside you. at that time only i cut that piece of paper and attested it in my room .you are so simple (with white T-SHIRT IN THAT PHOTO)..and i read you are from nizamabad. i decided to ask you are suggetion..in my future i decided to keep a welfare for poor ,handicaped people (or)children..so please kindly help me.hope you can…………….thank you from -narsing (ADILABAD)

    • sujithkumarb said

      Hey, thank you very much. Your decision to help the needed is appreciable. I hope you achieve what you are looking for. All the best.

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    I want to mail a query to you.
    Can you please give me your mail ID?
    I read the article and might have missed your mail ID.
    The article was too good,

  10. MANIKANTA said

    congrates sujith
    this is mani from guntur.first rank ante antha easy kaadu adi ECE lo.nee words nee activitives anni bagunnay.really it will give inspiration and encouragement.take my hearty congratulations oka telugu vaadu first rank kottinanduku chala happy ga undi.good keep it up.naaku konchem doubts unnay regarding gate so naa mail ki personal ga reply ivvagalava..any way all the best buddy…

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      Thank you.

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  12. Gaurav said

    Amazing post. So finally where and in which dept u r going??

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you. IITM, VLSI.

      • Gaurav said

        Are you from Chennai or you choose madras as per your interests??

      • sujithkumarb said

        It is because I’m interested in Analog circuits and IITM is offering MS in this area.

      • Gaurav said

        But why are you getting into MS?? Only benefit of MS over M.Tech is, it provides greater research exposure. But in M.Tech also research exposure is sufficient. It is about of 14 months. So to know whether one will really be interested in research M.Tech is sufficient. Moreover if research is the concern then one can/will have a good phd anyway after masters. So why do you want to put extra one year in MS??

      • Gaurav said

        Just a suggestion. I feel that IITB Microelctronics could have been a best choice for you. One, Microelectronics of IITB is best in India and two, IITB has a center named CTARA (Center for Technological Alternatives for Rural Areas). That centers does exactly what your interest are. So you could attended their lectures and could have done collective projects as well.

        AW Final decision is always yours. Once again congrats 🙂

      • sujithkumarb said

        Thanks for the info Gaurav. My MS seat is not confirmed yet and have MTech as back-up. I can convert to MS or PhD. I prefer MS just because of the suggestion given in the website of VLSI, IITM.

      • sujithkumarb said

        BTW Gaurav, may I know about you?

      • Gaurav said

        Yup. can you come on chat or FB?? Please add me here on FB https://www.facebook.com/geekymonk , we can have good discussions. My interests are more or less similar to yours.

  13. Badari said

    Hello Sujith,
    Congrats on your awesome result. The post is very informative.
    If you dont mind, I would like to ask a few questions..
    1) Which all NPTEL videos did u watch, and which do you recommend us? (Which videos are good for GATE preparation?)

    2) Do you recommend ACE coaching material for theory/problems or are only standard books enough?

    3)I wrote GATE this time and got an AIR of around 1400. Im in my final year and have a placement offer, which I am surely going to accept it. Im thinking about writing GATE again, so would you like to make any suggestions on how to study optimally while working?

    4) I read you left work while you were studying for this time. Did you think of any other options,in case you did not get a good rank in GATE(like GRE, applying for job again etc- In that case do you think one could get a new job after 1 or 2 years of experience?), or were you confident enough not to think of alternatives?

    Looking forward to your reply either here or my email-id.
    Thanks in advance…

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you.
      1) I had gone through IITD Communication Engineering and IITB Digital Communication lectures. It depends on the concepts one has, to chose which lectures to follow and also I don’t know about the other lectures, so can’t suggest in particular.
      2) I followed N/W theory and S&S materials of ACE. These I feel are very good for GATE. It’s always advisable to read text books, and the other things come next. Which ever book we read, the concepts have to be clear.
      3) If you are good at concepts, solving problems may suffice. I felt it very hectic to prepare when I was doing job. Any way, concepts have to be clear and manage your time perfectly. Have sufficient free time when you go for revisions. I think whatever suggestions one gives, the time and effort one spends totally depends the person and his level of understanding. This is because, as I have seen, there is no common way of preparation among the rankers.
      4) I wasn’t thinking of any thing other than GATE. I don’t know if I was confident, but I was ready to write one more time if I would not be satisfied.

  14. viswa said

    ento…enta edigipoyado !! 😀 you still remain the crazy guy who threw his phone away to see how life’s without a phone ! deleted FB coz it was being addictive/ (intolerance to stupidity of people) ! 😛 anyways, this is just the start of the journey, the path is very long and very hard ! Keep strong 🙂 and keep moving 🙂 !

    • sujithkumarb said

      Edo…antha me daya…:)

      • MANIKANTA said

        HA HA……….

  15. SriRam said

    Hi Sujith,
    Congratulations for your Success, Your path towards the destiny are very informative and very very useful. Thanks for lending your time for solving lot of queries from GATE Aspirants.

    I was in a great confusion whether to choose job or to write GATE 2014. I took Self Study for GATE 2013 for Three months, and took an AIR 1563 in Instrumentation Stream. and i am going to write GATE 2014 again. I am gonna take GATE Coaching in ACE, Abids for 5 month starting from June 23. At the Same time,i have a job offer from HCL Tech, which i have to join after August. I was confused whether to join HCL Tech or to Proceed with my GATE preparation.

    i have dropped already an year for GATE 2013, and i am going to drop one more year for GATE 2014.

    Since i have to spend five months in Hostel, Can you please tell me how far ACE coaching and their materials, helped you in your Preparation.

    And can you please send yours and Rohit P Ronge Email ID (if you have), it will be very helpful for my preparation…

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you. Listen to the lectures carefully and pay attention to every concept that will be discussed in the classroom.

      • raj said

        Hi Sri Ram i am also from instrumentation stream,, send me a mail,, lets connect “raghu743@gmail.com”

      • Rajakrishnan said

        Hi SriRam and Raj, i am also from instrumentation stream and planning to join ACE, how are you managing for accomodation and food there??

  16. nku said

    hey Sujit,, congrats for ur fabulous performance in GATE13…. my rank is 48(EC) and i’m also very much interested in analog/mixed signal stuff so confused btwn MS & MTech@IITM…..did u appeared for Apr 15 MS interview???

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you and congrats for your rank too. Yes, I appeared without preparation. Some 80+ people appeared and I think still 120+ will appear on 31st May. 13 were shortlisted for the interview after the exam out of which 2 were selected for the program. I was among the 13 but not among the 2. If you are looking to get into this, I suggest you to strictly go through the video lectures mentioned in the MS-TII FAQ section. Also solve the problem sets of the courses. In the second year, you have to work at TI as intern. They mentioned additional 10K making the total salary 30K while working as Intern. The job is guaranteed with 11 LPA. I hope this info is helpful.
      I’m actually aiming for the MS program there. As far as I know, placements for the MTech are good.

      • nku said

        Thanks for your information and guidence…. can i have ur emailid??

  17. anonymous said

    CONGRATS SUJIT for your success.my friend told me about this blog,it is very helpful,inspiring,it shows the ability of wish which turns it into reality,you again proved it as it is mentioned in secrets book.sujith,my rank is not good(14000) in this gate 13,i was also student of ace in same year of june 29 pm4a batch.i want to discuss some of things about preparation with you.because i am going to write gate 14.little bit frustated now but i want bounce back and crack gate14.please send me your and if possible rohit ronge’s email id.

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you.

  18. Manpreet kour said

    congrats sujith…. dis blog is very inspirational…. n hats off to ur passion to b a top ranker… n even i want some help from u … can i get d email id plz.?

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you.

  19. Pratibha said

    Hey I am from CS after dropping a year got 8k rank which is very disappointing..I want to appear for GATE again. But i am confused should I drop this year or take admission…No job in hand. what to do? I have serious obsession for good rank like u had

    • sujithkumarb said

      It’s your call. If you have confidence and willingness to join good institute, then there’s no point in joining with the rank you have. It’s just my opinion. Final call is totally yours.

  20. rahul said

    Apart from Batman!, totally glazed over all Electronics stuff. Old habits. Also, sorry for not following the ‘comments rule’ 😛

    • sujithkumarb said

      😀 Those are meant to be glazed over by non-GATErs and rules are meant to be broken by the privileged 😉

  21. sajag said

    hi sujith,
    congrats for your awesome result..it’s a very good inspiration for those students who didn’t make good rank in 1st attempt..They will definitely learn from you.I want to know some answers
    1) what is the contribution of a coaching institute for gate preparation(especially ace eng academy)
    2)I hv heard that in ace eng. academy ,in 1 batch total 5000 students study..is it possible to ask doubts and clarify within class.
    3) Suppose any students have some doubts in some subject ,then weather teacher will help personally or weather we can approach to a faculty
    4)what was your mode of preparation weather group study or self study?if group study ,then how did you find ambitious students?
    5) i wrote gate 2013 ,but didn’t join any coaching but during my preparation the subject which i studied more was communication and signal system, but i never get good marks in these subject,even in gate 2013,i got negative in both subject so can u comment something on this!
    5)I finished RK knodia and some other author but what i feel that in some topics i need more practices , so i need some difficult question only in some selected topics .how can i get these things?

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you.
      1) I think I’ve already mentioned the contribution in the post. It was helpful in preparing for GATE.
      2) It is not possible to have 5000 people in a class room. There are no more than 200 to 300 per class. You can certainly ask doubts and get them clarified in the class. The faculty are really helpful.
      3) Self study.
      4) I can’t comment, but I believe that the more one strives the better the results are. The amount of hard work depends on one’s level of understanding.
      5) You can solve problems from text books.

      • sajag said

        hi sujith,i want to ask one more thing, in ace coaching faculties are following some standard notes and solving some standard question ,suppose if i ask question from some other author’s book, then they welcome or just try to ignore it

      • sujithkumarb said

        I did not get a chance to interact with the lecturers but I’m sure they will not ignore.

  22. Hi Sujith, Congrats 🙂

    Never thought I would even find a way to communicate with you. 🙂 For I was one among those who wrote ACE mock tests and have seen your name coming 4th and then later AIR 1 in GATE 2013! This was my third attempt too. After leaving job last year, I too joined ACE but nothing worked for me well. 🙂 My concepts seem still vague. Hopefully I’ll join for either MTech in some college or MS in IITs this year and give GATE next year too. It was great to hear about you and the preparation that went into an AIR 1… Thank you very much indeed for this post, Sujith.
    I would feel privileged if you could give your mail id.

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you.


        hi…i just leave my job for gate 2014 preparation….plz let me send ur email id…or just sol’n for gate 2014 plz..right now i am watching NPTEL VIDEOS….PLZ HELP ME FOR SCORING IN GATE ..COZ I WANT TO PLACE IN PSU….

  23. Congrats Sujith. I want to ask something about the preparations can i get your email address. 🙂

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you.

  24. Raj said

    Congrats sujith… I need some help about the preparations and ace engg academy . can you please give me your email id… 🙂 Thanks

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you.

  25. congratulations…!!!

    i am gate-2014 aspirant and willing to join ACE.. after reading your experience in blog i became your fan..!!

    1) which thing make you stick with your continues preparation mean to say that how you avoid all the distraction arouse in mind..

    2) you mentioned that it is good to use reference books for preparation but is it takes much time for preparation ..?

    all the reference books you have used in preparation are in pdf format?
    if so, can you mail me those books.

    my email id is meetmp2009@gmail.com

    may i have your email id please…

    • sujithkumarb said

      1) I was willing to get a top rank. I don’t know what distractions you are talking about, but I watch only good movies in theaters… 🙂
      2) Yes, they take time. That’s why I took 6 full months for the preparation.

      I don’t have soft-copies of the books.

      • is it possible to complete whole syllabus using reference books in 6 month.. ?

      • sujithkumarb said

        It depends on your concept levels.

  26. sravanik said

    amazing blog…it inspired me a lot..i took shortterm coaching in ace,abids n got 13000 rank n dat is my first attempt. I am thinkng to give another attempt for Gate n ur blog motivated me a lot..thank u n congrates sujith.. 🙂

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you and all the best.

  27. Raviraj said

    Congtz and thnx for guidance…

  28. srinivas said

    nice disscussions….

  29. hi..
    i’m already placed.. my posting is in hyderabad.. due to some circumstances, i must go to job.. but i want to do mtech.. can i join the coaching classes & as well as go to job? can i manage them both?

    • sujithkumarb said

      Many people have asked me this question. I couldn’t manage my time while working. This doesn’t imply one can not do. I think it depends on one’s concept levels. If you are good at concepts and manage time properly, working may not hinder you from getting a rank. It totally depends on you.

      • it’ll be hectic.. but i think i can manage.. afterall success wont come without some problems..thank you anyways..:) & congrats..

  30. sandeep443 said

    First a very big congragulations bro 4 ur consistency and hard work.i have read the entire thing i meant very sensible to me .so i am willing to follow the stats followed by you..thank you for sharing ur views

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you and all the best.

  31. Archana said

    Hii..i felt deeply motivated by ur blog..thank u so much..i m preparing ffor gate frm last 2 yrs..god knws were m gng wrong.. M nt able to get good rank..jst being able to clear cut off..actually in my preparation i m nt gng through the standard books..i prepare my notes frm d coaching classes i go..is dis the reason for nt getting good rank??following the standard books r very imp??? Plzz clear my doubt..

    • sujithkumarb said

      Getting to know the concepts is very important and text books will help you for that. Solve problems from every concept that you read. Doing that will let you know whether your concepts are correct or not.

  32. Bancha Dutta said

    Hi, thank you very much for the detailed description and very motivational blog. You truly are a very helpful person.
    I am also resigning from my job this year and will be free by the beginning of August to prepare for GATE. But I have decided to go home and do my studies from there. However there is no good coaching classes available in my hometown. So I will take a correspondence course and later maybe go for a crash course for a month or two in Delhi or Hyderabad. Do you think my decision of self study at home is wrong? I want to study from home as I think there is very little distractions for self-study.

    • sujithkumarb said

      I can give you only one suggestion about your decision. Don’t ask any one about the correctness of your decision. This suggestion is not by me, but just a lesson from Ratan Tata’s quote : “I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right”.
      Just enjoy studying and manage time properly. All the best.

      • Bancha Dutta said

        Thanks a lot. That definitely did some trick!

      • nikhil said

        hi u quoted a very good thought of Ratan Tata in this comment..

      • khushboo said

        hey sujit sir i m really inspired by you and want to ask you sumthn……may i???

  33. Vijay said

    How many Marks do you obtained in GATE2013..?

    • sujithkumarb said


  34. kris said

    first of all , congratulation

    i am in confusion and depression because my age is 33 yr and i have b.tech degree in electronic & telecommunication passed in 2009. right now doing job in uncle office. he is builder.

    1) If i get admission in m.tech in IIT and pass with good GPA .
    please tell me that m tech at 35, would help me in getting good job?
    because i have zero experience in technical field. right now i am in sales.

    2)do you know any one who got job at 35 in iit placement ?

    3)would i get job at 38 after Phd in good company?

    I have been searching person like you since 3 year to ask my query .
    thanks for publishing your views and articles on internet.
    it motivate people to do higher studies.

    once again thanks.

    kindest regards

    ps: May i ask you any subject difficult while preparing GATE 2014?
    only 1or 2 doubt in a month please.

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you. I’m about to join IIT, so may not know much about the future. But I’m sure that the MTech holders from top IITs get good jobs. I heard from one of my friends that a few do masters after working in industry for long time. If you have passion in research, PhD is a good option. Sure, you can ask me questions. I’ll try to give my best…

      • kris said

        thanks for reply,
        as far as i know there are two type of question. first one is basic question which can answer if concept is good.
        second one is tricky question which require trick along with good concept or other topic concept.

        1) which type of questions are asked in GATE, conceptual or tricky question ? plz answer in percentage. ( like 60 % or 70%)

        2) which question-bank you have used for gate ?
        which book is good for question for EC in gate . which has topic wise question on every concept or trick that is required in GATE?

        thanking you
        kindest regards

      • sujithkumarb said

        I don’t know about the proportion you’ve asked for. But your analysis about the types of questions is, I think, correct. I’ve already mentioned the books I followed in the post.

      • kris said

        i want to know that the book have mentioned in your post was used by you for both understanding concept and practicing problems?

      • sujithkumarb said

        I relied largely on previous year problems and problems from R.K.Kanodia. I used to solve example problems given in the texts and also some texts mention problem numbers, in the theory, that you should go through for some derivations. Those help us to understand concepts well. The bottom line is to understand the concepts well.

      • kris said

        why you were so obsessed to study or obsessed to get top rank?
        what is your real goal? whether you want to be a scientist or just want good salary job in multinational company .

        my problem is that i stay focused for 1or 2 days then i loose interest then after 3 to 4 day again i get motivated for study .

        So, my main question is that how to get obsessed like you and what you did when you get distracted from your goal?

        kindest regards

      • sujithkumarb said

        My aim was to get into a top college. I don’t think we have good labs in the other colleges to work in VLSI. If I was going to give the test anyway, why shouldn’t I try for the top rank which gives me all I wish?

      • kris said

        ” oh my gosh, you think like Olympic champion but can defend your gold title in 2014 because i am also participating in 2014. ” just kidding.

        In which M.Tech course you got admission ?
        why don’t you take M.tech course in ‘Energy Systems Engineering ‘
        ( http://www.ese.iitb.ac.in/ ) because every machine need energy .
        there is huge scope in energy engineering as i think.
        and please tell that would you enroll for PhD in future ?

        kindest regards

  35. srinivas said

    I have silly problem…
    I read and understand concepts from textbook…
    but when I synching concepts with practical considerations Iam unable to sync..
    then I loose all my confident….
    how to overcome this problem…
    is it right strategy of study concepts with out synchng with practical considerations…or not..plz rply…

    • sujithkumarb said

      A good strategy is to solve as many problems as you can. It helps clear your concepts …I don’t think GATE questions are really practical oriented. As far as I’ve seen they are all conceptual and test your problem solving skills.

  36. Saumik Bhattacharya said

    Hi Sujit,
    First of all, a worm-hearted congratulation from me on being the best.
    Secondly, I have a few questions to you. I would deeply feel honoured if you guide me to the answers.

    I am putting the questions in a list-
    1. What book would you suggest to practise problems from in subjects (i) Analog Circuits (ii) Electronic Devices (iii) EM Theory and (iv) Signals & Systems ?
    2. Which book would you suggest me to refer to for grasping the concepts of Analog Circuits and Electronic Devices ?
    3. Which book, according to you, is the most helpful in Network Theory to develop and clear the concepts ?

    I need to be sure. I wrote GATE this February and got AIR 13186. I am really keen to make it to the top 100. Your guidance would literally be divine for me.

    • sujithkumarb said

      Thank you. I mentioned about all the books I followed in the post. Any way here are my answers.
      Analog : Sedra &Smith
      Devices : Streetman & Banerjee
      EMT : Jordan & Balmain
      Signals & Systems : Oppenheim & Willsky
      Network Theory : Hayt & Kemmerly

      I haven’t gone through the books other than those mentioned in the PDF in my post, so I can’t really help you with which one is the best.

      • Saumik Bhattacharya said

        Thank you very very much Sujith.

  37. dirahk said

    Hi Sujith, Congratulation for your performance.. I feel lucky to be part of the same batch as you were in ACE:),saw u few times..but never had a chance to meet/talk with u, thou I was not a regular and had few problems to manage job n classes..

    May I know your email id.. I need some help/information..

  38. Rajeev said

    Hey! Can u tell me which institute will be better for gate preparation- made easy or ace academy in delhi


    congrats sujith…..ur blog is simply awesome.I’ve got a rank of 511 in GATE 2013 and i too have applied for the MS course on vlsi(Texas Instruments).sice u’ve attended the interview and test can u please tell me how was the test and interview?wat sort of questions did they ask ? can u specify a couple of questions asked in the interview just to get a feel of the standards they are expecting.

    • sujithkumarb said

      First, they conducted written test for 1 hour. We had to answer 20 questions,10 one mark ones and 10 two mark ones. We had questions on op-amps, small signal analyses and networks. As far as I remember we had questions on the following topics:
      1) Finding the inverting and non-inverting terminals of op-amps in a feedback loop and finding gain of the same.
      2) Two port networks.
      3) Thevenin equivalents.
      4) BJT biasing and small signal analysis – two questions on this topic.
      5) RC/RL circuits, charging and discharging, etc.

      In the interview, they asked the questions that we hadn’t solved in the exam or those we had answered wrong.
      Go through the lectures on op-amps and RLC circuits. Most of the questions are from these. Also go through T and PI equivalents of BJT. They will definitely ask question on finding the terminals of op-amps in a feedback loop.
      The questions asked by TI staff in the interview were very basic and one can easily answer them. If you happen to miss a few questions in the exam, find the answers after the exam. You should revise the basics because the questions are really on basic level of understanding. Also try to solve the problem sets given in the course websites.

      • That was great indeed, Sujith. A help for all those preparing for tests and interviews in IITs 🙂 Thank you.

  40. payal said

    cong8s …….u r really an inspiration for me……….

  41. jaya krishna said

    we will receive many congrats….once if we won……but the toughness n struggle u have faced will deserve ur success………thank u for your valuable info….if may not bring us success but…..gives us support to be in challage
    ……..hoping to get good for ur future…….

  42. Die Hard Winner said

    Sir, I belong to Delhi. I wanted to ask if at it is required to take coaching? You also went for it in the last attempt. Why did you feel the need to join ACE?
    Should I go to ACE Hyderabad because I have heard its reputation a lot or join Made Easy Delhi only in my home city? I am very much confused. Can you please help where should I look upto? I want small batches But Made Easy teaches in 200 per batch? 😦
    How is scenario at ACE?
    And faculty???

    • sujithkumarb said

      I had lot of free time, so I went for morning batches (6:00 to 7:45). It helped me a lot. In ACE also you have 200 odd per batch. Faculty is good for GATE coaching and they are very helping. I don’t know about the other institutes.

  43. santosh said

    congrats……. and thanks for your valuable suggestions.

  44. Thejasvi said

    Thankyou very much! your post is very inspiring and informative,

  45. Ramesh said

    I have some questions regarding the preparation of GATE. The exam is closing in on FEB’2014 if i’m not wrong. I still have only 8 months to go. I Guess you could possibly flavorsome a platform for the students of my state. Could you offer a schedule for me i.e. How many months should i need to wipe out the basics of all subjects out the time i left? Which subject can i possibly prioritize longer time in problem solving and conceptual vice verse?

    • sujithkumarb said

      I suggest you to complete your first preparation 2 months before the exam date. Those 2 months may be utilized for 2 revisions. You may spend more time on the subjects you feel difficult because GATE gives, on an average, equal weightage to all the subjects. In all the subjects, problem solving is very important and solve problems like you are learning concepts from them. Of course, there are a few concepts from Devices which are theoretical and they don’t require problem solving.

  46. Ramesh said

    On the emphasis of problem solving, is there any books as equally facilitates the practice coach for problems as RK Kanodia? If any, could you please suggest me the book name and authors, possibly the link in case of the inclusion of ebooks.

    • sujithkumarb said

      I don’t know.

  47. joya Sharma said

    this is first time when im reading this post…. Im so late to congratulate u but still many congrats to u.. Ur hard work is awesum.. I didn’t left even a single line in whole post.. Its so inspirational..
    nd salute ur simplicity dear.. In blog,in replies.. Really great..
    I m in ec 4th year.. I also need some guidance from u pls give me ur precious time..
    How can i contact u..ur mail id or fb id.. Pls here im hesitating as other may laugh st me.. Vl wait for ur reply

  48. first of all, congrats for ur success. i have always struggled through clampers. i hav no idea for which book to refer for it. i hav never understood the concept of diff configuration of it. plz help me.

    • sujithkumarb said

      I think most of the electronic books discuss clampers. Any way I would suggest you to go through Boylstad or Sedra and Smith. Do solve every problem that you see on clampers, it will get your doubts clarified and make you confident in that particular topic.

  49. Hi sujit,
    had you bought hard copies of all the books you mentioned or you used e books ???
    thanks 🙂

    • sujithkumarb said

      I’m jus curious..what difference would it make? Any way, the books which I used as references, I bought them.

  50. Prudhvi said

    Hi Sujith,
    I am a Btech passed out (may 2013) and I have been placed in TCS joining this september. So I joined summer crash course at ACE academy. I find very less time to revise the concepts taught in class as they run from 6 am to 8 pm. So would you suggest anything for me to get the best out of coaching and how to plan after coaching so that I can make best use of the little time I have?

    • sujithkumarb said

      Solve all the problems that are taught in the class room. Make notes of the concepts and problems that you don’t follow and get them clarified in the classroom. This is all I can suggest. Most of the problems that are discussed in the class room are from previous year papers, so pay attention to them. All the best.

      • Prudhvi said

        Thank you very much , where are you going to join? Please post an article about your interview experience

  51. Jagadeep Goud said

    Hii Sujith…..
    I hav more inspired after reading dis blog.You are amazing man,it would be impossible for a student Lyk me to make Such a full fledged and well Planed Preparation.You are really great and genious…and one more thing i should mention is that ,i got a great chance to see such a brillaint guy(you) in ACE institute Abids very recently.
    Once again, i wish my heartly Congratulations to you….:)

  52. Rahul Pokhriyal said

    Hello sir, very congratulations sir. Sir, i wanted to know that does having a Hard copy or e-book of the recommended books affect the preparations.

    • sujithkumarb said

      Which one do you feel comfier?

      • Rahul Pokhriyal said

        OK, i feel comfortable with hard copy but I also refer e-books a lot..for example i have sedra and smith for analog electronics which i always refer but i also have boylested e-book.

      • sujithkumarb said

        I’m more comfortable with reading from hard copies because I’ve the habit of writing in text books. It’s all about making life easy.

  53. swamy said

    sujith bro thank u verymuch for u valuable infrmatn…today i left d cls in betwen as i am studnt of weekend branch..:-)hoping a valuable suggestng iam getng tensd abt my gate prepartn can u suggst me to take 1st stp fo my practic..:-)

  54. santhosh kumar said

    Hi sujith,
    first of all let me congratulate you 🙂 on getting top rank in one of the prestigious examinations like GATE.the information which you provided here is really fabulous. the way you explained each subject was awesome. I still wonder how could you complete 100% syllabus , but later understood , it is nothing but dedication . I got 3370 rank (ECE) in GATE-2013. Actually i wanted to ask you one personal question, i took coaching from ACE in 3rd year of my B.Tech but unfortunately i was not allowed to take exam in 2012 , there i missed an opportunity for the first time to take GATE Later in my 4th year i managed my self both college and self preparation didn’t go coaching again . i thought i could do it . but i didn’t. i am very weak in communications especially random variables and probability of error concepts , transmission lines in EMT, electronic devices that too fet based problems .let me know whether i should take coaching or self preparation is sufficient ??

    • sujithkumarb said

      If you had understood the concepts when you took coaching, you may not need to take it again. NPTEL lectures may be helpful for you to understand the concepts.

  55. Vishal Agrawal said

    As i can spectaculate, it all was your ability to gain this height, you overcome very well from your fear and failures, i can assure you simple guys can easily let this up if they had faced the same situation as u had… but this was you, who neither gave up nor stopped.
    i really admire your obsession and believe in the extraordinary abilities.

  56. prateek said

    HI…..I want to ask one thing,I couldn’t decide whether to go fr coaching or to go fr m.tech directly in some institute…..
    I want to study bt feared that if i couldn’t qualified GATE thn what would happened???? PLZzzz suggest me

  57. Pradip said

    1st of all i want to congrats u .its really amazing dat u got Air 1 within 6 month ppn.nd u really deserve dis. I hv a reqst ,would u like to share all the problm which u faces during ur ppn. Nd the condn where u study.

  58. Shiva Teja said

    Congrats Sujith,my question is which year is the right year for us to go for gate coaching 3rd year or 4th year

  59. Naveena said

    thanxx alot..Sujith it was really really inspiring…..even i dont have any aim in my life..due to lack of a perfect guidance…..the guidance given by parents is ..i dont feel is a perfect one they just wanted us to hold a good rank in the number of exams they named to us…..but what we need is the guidance to our way of studing……spending no. of hours on studing is not enough..I really wanted a guy to guide me…n u r that one….you really provided me the way to my studies …thanx alot……….but i hve a doubt bout from which year we should strt our prepration…..is it really required for us to take drop for it??…….yet it is so far for me to achieve that goal…because m jst a 12th passer this year…n wanted to take EEE ……but whatever it was thankss 4 all 😀

    • sujithkumarb said

      It’s good that you have concerns for your future even before you join college. If you study the concepts right from your fresher year, you may not need special coaching. Electronics is a beautiful subject which involves physics and maths. I suggest you to read the concepts keeping in mind that each thing you read has practical importance. Problem solving is very important and solve problems from each concept that you read. It would be good to know the subjects that will be there in your branch beforehand and their importance in industry. Do not afraid to know the details because it will not harm you in any way. It would be the only guide for you.

      • Dheer said

        Congrats sir
        what is the book u have prepared for transmission lines…..
        eagerly waiting for ur reply

  60. chintala pradeep ravi shankar said

    Congratulations for u r success in gate 2013. I really motivated by u r blog and i came to know what i have done mistakes in my previous attempts. Can u please give me u r email id?

  61. Can we crack gate through self preparation? coz I don’t want to bother my parents with coaching centre fees..
    Also Is there any particular book from which you practiced problems??
    Ive heard RK Kanodia is good, is that true?
    $%^Please do reply%$#
    -pavan, Chennai. 😀

  62. Thanks for the blog and I am also in the same situation. I am working in a power plant for the past 3 years with a comfortable salary.. I want to pursue mtech. And I am planning to learn at ace as my fundamentals in electrical is not strong. Please advice.

  63. srikanth said

    Congrats sujith kumar! I have one doubt.how did u remember the formulas for various subjects.subjects like signals,communication,network theory we need not worry much i guess.But for subjects like electronic devices,analog circuits,EMF,control systems and formulas in maths are difficult to remember,the other way of going from the base to get to the formula is also time consuming and risky.How did u manage this,it will be of immense help if u answer this.once again congo! and all the best for ur future 😀

    • sujithkumarb said

      I felt remembering formulae in Electronic Devices easy, probably because I had gone through the derivations many times. I would check the dimensions each time I put down a formula on paper from my memory, for verification.
      In EM theory, I think the field equations in Waveguides are difficult to remember because they are confusing. You may not also derive them in the exam. So, I found out a way to remember them. Antenna theory also needs the field equations to be remembered. Rest all concepts can be managed.
      I did not remember any thing from Control Systems because there are none, I think.
      In maths, only formulae from Calculus need to be remembered.

      What I feel is that, even if you try to remember something, after a while, memory seems to be erased. Try to get the essence of the concepts and remember the formulae only before you attempt an exam or before you solve problems.

      BTW, it’s actually a good doubt.

      • srikanth said

        hey thanks for the reply.but apart from calculus we have complex variables which also have many formulas,then basic linear algebra which has lots of properties particularly for adjoint,inverses,then in probabiltiy we need remember the various formulas for various distributions.am not comfortable in remembering formulas for these MATHs parts.Sorry if that is not the right way to ask.Kindly correct me if i am wrong in any of the above.thanks again.

      • sujithkumarb said

        Yes, Linear Algebra and also Numerical Analysis have formulas but it is sufficient if you remember them on exam day.

      • srikanth said

        hey sujith am just curious whether u can share the questions u left unattempted or wrong apart from what u mentioned in the

      • Hello Sujith !!
        It feels great to share this post on ACE ACADEMY NOTICE BOARD
        I am always happy to help and made sure that this post of yours is known to everyone in ACE ACADEMY . Also told our Complex Sir( I mean Bal Murali Krishna) , He was very happy to hear it and said he will share it with other students in ACE .
        Had some doubts regarding planning things and some technical related stuff ,precisely analog circuits and communication .
        could you please give me your mail id so that i can contact you ??
        I gave GATE 2013 and got AIR 3942
        Please do give me your email id
        My email is omkar1pujari@gmail.com

  64. megha aggarwal said

    i just read ur blog….covgrats for the rank…
    i have a serious query
    actually i basics are not very clear…….so which books i need to study…..plz tell…i m in a great need

  65. radha said

    can anyone tel me wich s d best coachng centre fr gate ece in bangalore !

  66. shivi said

    you have mentioned abt making self notes and comments in text book..how to do that ?

  67. satya krishna said

    hearty congratulations,
    i want to know whether you took coaching from abids or ameerpet branch.is ameerpet branch as good as abids branch?will the problem solving from ace material be useful?
    thank u.

  68. Good post. I became verifying continually this blog and i am pleased! Very beneficial data specially the previous portion 🙂 I personally handle similarly info significantly. I’m trying to get this particular information for just a very long time. Thank you so much and of success.

  69. Suraj said

    Hey just wanted to let u knw dat I m inspired my ur blog!!
    i m going to appear GATE 2015 nd I to be AIR – 1

  70. Omendra Yadav said

    this blog motivates me….thank u bro…thanx alot…i hope i ll also get a good rank in GATE 2014 definitely…

  71. Suraj said

    totally inspired my ur blog..
    I m in my third year of engg. and want to crack GATE. For this I will surely need ur suggestion.
    Hope u may help me.
    My branch ECE.

  72. Anurup said

    hi sujith, can you please tell more about the texas instruments RA program i.e no of positions and job offer

  73. Bala said

    I am really inspired by your achievement………
    I have passed my engineering in EC 2012 from a institute datz nt so well known and comes under mumbai university.
    It waz hard to find a job after dat and i struggled for a year after dat fr sake of job i joined lecturship in engineering college.
    What I want to know is that is it possible to prepare for gate while doing job and get into good institute.

    hoping for u r reply
    thanks and regards

  74. M.DHEERAJ said

    thank you sir …..my dream is to get into iisc …i am gate aspirants of 2014 ece at ace academy….i am inspired by last year air one rakesh kande sir…..so have been executing my plans to get iisc for mtech…….your details are fruitful for me

  75. srivastavarohit74@gmail.com said

    my branch is electrical..so i want to ask u that the books for analog,ddigital,network analysis,signal system will be same for electrical branch also..please reply…

  76. Hey thanks for such lovely information..
    I wanted to do crash course on Gate maths . To brush up my skills and clear some of my doubts . As relocating is difficult so wanted to do gate online coaching searching around i came across http://www.wiziq.com/course/19502-gate-2014-ies-2013-engineering-mathematics-crash-course . If anybody has studied from this course please let me know ..

  77. tashi said

    it was woth reading this .
    i have a query ,if we do self preparations for gate ,then how come the drawbacks of not attending a oaching be overcomed like short tricks,speech, correct approach to a question ??

  78. eswara rao said

    congrats sujith sir………i inspired a lot from you.i completed my b.tech in 2013 with out any attempt one GATE exam also,and also no job fellow….i joined in ACE for PM1A batch!!!!,and 2014 is my first attempt and i would like to succeed in this attempt,, because of my poor back ground….I’ve around 30%(ie:i’m not perfect) conceptual knowledge about our ECE subjects,around 60% good at my math and English levels ……i bought all textbooks which u r mentioned…..so could u please tell me how i have to work with our subjects and on which subjects i hv to keep more time to get more conceptual knowledge regarding solving problems also……..please tell me yar……i will be waiting for ur valuble reply….it is important for me……

  79. Sijin Alexander said

    Congratulations Sujith..Good luck for the future..

  80. UGC NET said

    Thank u admin for the information you share here . Great time with u . Keep updating your websites ..

  81. suraj said

    as you have mention some books suppose oppenheim for signal and system do you studied the whole bookand did all the solved and unsolved questions or some specific topic and question. please suggest me how to utilise these high standard book your help will be appreciable

  82. Anil said

    Congrats for ur great result sujith…I wanted to ask whether for Digital Communication nptel lectures are sufficient.I mean for BER calculation-signal space,random processes etc .

    Also please tell me where to look for practice questions for the above topics which are at par with the level of GATE because what i found was that in almost all standard books (haykin,proakis etc.) derivations are given but problems are not dealt nicely-so it becomes more theoretical.

    Thanks in advance

    • achin said

      see the book rk kanodia. For practice this is best book

  83. shaurya said

    Every topper says that I was not able to do that,I was not able to do this but results come very different.

  84. vamsi said

    hi sir,
    I disqualified in gate-2013,but i got the 566th rank in pgecet-2013 in EC.Sir ,I have many doubts regarding to the basics of why electron has negative and proton have positive charges.Is there any refferance text books according to indepth analysis of semiconductor physics please suggest me

  85. sravya said

    sir, i m a current student of ace academy..is it preferable to start reading new text books(i.e standard texts) which i never followed in my btech, ‘coz my btech is from a very normal engineering college.. i m not confident about any of the subjects completely..can u suggest me what to do…

  86. sai said

    First of all congrats sujith
    Can i get some preperation material from u

  87. bobby said

    how much time did you spend for gate preparation per day???

  88. Ramya said

    Congratzz Sujith!!!

    I have attempted GATE 2013 ECE, but could not get an eligible score.
    I am trying for GATE 2014.
    I have a job and could not leave it due to some personal reasons.
    I have just started preparing from Aug 1st and I have to begin from scratch as I work in an IT company for past 3 years and no touch with the topics for quite a long time. I have some of the below clarifications:

    1) How many hours do I need to spend minimum a day to get a good rank?
    2) Is NPTEL video and web lectures helpful in preparation?
    3) Is the correspondence study material of ACE same as that of the regular classroom coaching? How much is it useful in GATE preparation? Or can I obtain a good score by preparing from the textbooks alone mentioned by you?

    Even though I have start preparing, I am still in confusion, which materials to follow, how to get enough number of problems related to each topic to practice and what timetable to set etc…

    It will be very helpful to me if you provide a reply for me. So, Please be kind enough to reply back.

    Thank you in advance!


  89. NIVEDITA said

    For what topics you went through NPTEL lectures ? and whether they were not given nicely in books?? And plz provide your URL for your blog so I can follow all your updates

  90. Puja said

    Wil u tel me how 2 prepar 4 gate within 5month

  91. vandana said

    Actually i want to know that gate coaching is necessary or not?i m in 3rd year and started for gate.should i take any coaching or self studies and taking test series of some good institute is enough.please give me some tips for prepration.i m from ece.

  92. Adarsh krishna said

    great saying bro! i wish i could excel . i just joined B.E . is it completely different from B.tech will there be a problem? please reply :/

  93. Surabhi said

    Congrats Sujith! Reading this has really inspired me. I am a GATE 2014 EC aspirant. And the information provided by you will really help me.

  94. prksway said

    Very well written & thnx for posting this. By the way did you ever faced concentration problem during your preps?? I am unable to concentrate while studying & also not able to study consistently. every morning i make plans for study and at d end of the day i fail to do so..hoping for your reply..thnx

  95. prksway said

    Very well written & thnx for posting this. By the way did you ever faced concentration problem during your preps?? I am unable to concentrate while studying & also not able to study consistently. every morning i make plans for study and at d end of the day i fail to do so..hoping for your reply..thnx

  96. Bhakti said

    guy u rocked
    I am also like u and want AIR1

  97. Anvesh Kurapati said

    Hello, I really liked and inspired by your story(OK not a story). I found it in the middle of search results on how to prepare for a two digit gate rank. So I am one like you, attempted in my final year (with you in 2013), and got a 1815 rank, which I thought was between OK and good (isn’t it?). Now I am preparing for GATE 2014. I think (even my dad too) that I have enough potential but, I won’t use it totally, or concentrate enough.

    1.I want to know from you, how does one really “stick” to it. How to make it our obsession.
    2.And also isn’t it enough if we prepare for the topics listed in syllabus individually, should we cram every page of all reference books?
    3.I am also afraid of the subject “Communications” like you, but in addition to that, I am also of EMT, and vectors. Any suggestions on how to overcome these?
    4.As you know, I have less than 6 months time, I started preparation a fortnight back, and in the middle of control systems, I want to know in your opinion is it possible for me to get a 2 digit rank this year, with the time?



  98. k.siva said

    congrats for getting 1st rank in gate, thanks for giving information and sharing your views with us and all the best for your bright future

  99. Arvind Sharma said

    congrats dear….really inpirative, advisable. thanks a lot…. have you any suggestions for self study or prep without coaching.

  100. Haamed mollah said

    can u send me r.k kanodia mcq book pdf????

  101. What are you doing now?

  102. ZAHEER ABBAS said

    Really inspiring …!!

    How to prepare for GATE-2014.?
    Its online for the First time and also Numerical Questions are also included.

    So what should be the preparation strategy of a candidate so that He/She can edge the EXAM with the highest score..?

    How different should this preparation strategy be different from the one a candidate has been used to prepare GATE for the previous years (i.e. 2013,2014,2011 etc..)..?

    How Online Tests can help a candidate in GATE-2014..?Is it necessary..? Or is it an option of the candidate preparing for the examination..?

    Please do advice me as these are the questions i am pondering of for a couple of weeks..
    You can also e-mail me at zaheer1247@gmail.com

  103. RAHUL said

    Dear frnds, I have only 4 months left for preparing for GATE 2014 n I’m about start my preparations. But I don’t know as to which method or what planning should I do in order to score a higher rank in GATE. I’ve joined a coaching just a few days before but that’s not so good, its just for guidance n learning some time-saving tricks n techniques I’ve joined it. So, if anyone of doesn’t minds, then can you plz suggest me in which manner should I do my preparations?

  104. RAHUL said

    N ya, I forgot to mention that I’ve completed my B.E. from the branch of Mechanical Engg. n want some suggestions of preparations for GATE 2014
    – RAHUL

  105. neha samant said

    congratulation…………. can u hlp me as im also an C student…

  106. supriya biswas said

    sir currently m in 5th sem n really confused 2 how 2 proceed wit my mission GATE. can GATE b cracked by only self study or joining a coaching institute is much required. kindly suggest

  107. Riya Gupta said

    congratulation sir…thnx for ur suggestion..i think this wil help ful for me..
    sir i m droper n i hv completed my gate classes last year but couldnt score well…n nw im at home n not joined any institute n only 4 5 months go for exam..plj give me suggestion for preparing gate 2014..n its a online exam so wat diffrent preparation will need….

  108. vihar said

    i have a question for you sir.Actually ur interest is in robotics so why cant you do robotics course in mtech sir? IS there any problem in it? please tell me sir………….

  109. congrats !!i cmpleted the coaching from ace ,hyderabad.I want to do mtech very badly from one of these premier institutes .please tell me how to increase my confidence level.i believe preparing in hyderabad would definitely help as i am having ample of doubts from materials and kanodia .and it is taking too much of my time to prepare them .please guide

  110. sunny said

    this is of real help for me…thanks a lot

  111. Honey said

    Thanx alot for ur amazing post & valuable information ,it helped me alot

  112. Aditya said

    I know it is so late but I don’t wanna be a topper I just want a good rank in merit line of gate plz mail me how to start the noida book of gate is like a Mahabharat for me I purchased it 2 months ago but I never turned a page it seems like a mess…plz bro mail me some ideas so I could make a beginning guide me a little

  113. dungar chouhan said

    I am an average student but i want to score well in my GATE,so do i need to join a coaching class…Does join coaching classes really help me in cracking GATE??please reply…

  114. Vanessa said

    Hi Sujith,

    Congtz Bro…!

    I have only 4 months left for cracking GATE. I am planning to join Sep batch @ ACE. I know Hardwork will be really necessary. I cant say that my knowledge in EC is good. Will I be able to get a good rank if I prepare hard?

  115. Rajakrishnan said

    Congratulations and inspiring indeed!! Thinking of joining Sep Batch @ACE, (instru). If someone else has already joined, pls tell about the accomodation and food arrangement made, also is it near the academy

  116. padmaja said

    hello sir,
    Congrats for ur achievement. ur blog ws really motivating..
    I am a Final yr student and trying for GATE-2014 in EE. This is my 1st attempt. I need ur guidance for time management. can u pls help me in this regard..

  117. Sandip Banerjee said

    Hey Sujith, 1st of all congratulations to you. For your courageous thinking. Actually it matched with mine. I’m passed out B. Tech this year. Since from 3rd year of my college I’m thinking to prepare properly for GATE. But all the time I’m messing up. I had to complete my Oracle Global Certification. at the time of 6th sem I did it. So couldn’t concentrate for GATE. Again at fourth year I had to manage a job. Again the same happened. But GATE was always in my dream. Then now I’m doing a job at Kolkata as a Web Developer. Working on Joomla and WordPress. But I realized I’m not for this one. My dream is different. Mailed my HR for the resignation. Because I was getting weak after giving the most of the time (09:30 a.m. to 08:10 or 08:30 p.m.) at office project work, it was so tiring to spent time N/W or OS or Engineering Maths. I could sleep only for 4 hours. But my HR refused to give me the break only because my bond period. So I’m in a dilemma. Hope god will make a good solution very soon. But it was very inspiring for me. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. And congratulations to you again for your future.
    And this website can be given a more better look as I have worked on WordPress. If you don’t mind I’d say make a banner at the top of the site with all your personal pics which you added latter. Those images will fetched from the database. Any way it was good see this blog. God bless you.

  118. abhishek said

    congrats 4 ur amazing success. I m from instrumentation. Last time, i got AIR 320. This time, i want single digit rank. I have some questions.

    1. Where could i get best on state variables( control)?
    2. I have completed almost whole syllabus, how do i maximize output? I mean, i wanna get no less than 80 marks.
    3. Should i solve unsolved ques of standard books to avoid silly mistakes?
    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

  119. Sumit pratap singh said

    It was important and helpful content.i just want to ask how did you come to know that your preparation is going right..did you take some self test or just studying and moving ahead.
    Actually i am going to appear in gate 2014 . I also read text books but teacher s of my coaching suggest not to waste time on reading text book

  120. Natasha Aggarwal said

    congrats for ur success…
    i wud like to know..that did you solve all the questions in the prescribed books..or you just did it from MCQ book of kanodia..?
    n how many hours a day shud one study…(if one is at home for 4 months)?

  121. amal said

    congrads dude… u are a living example of an old saying “hard work never fails”… all the very best for your IITM life… pursue with your quest for knowledge…. i also admire your wish to work in your own motherland… keep sending posts like this…god bless you

  122. sangeetha said

    congrats for ur sucess…am really inspired by you.i have 90percent in btech.i wanted to go for IIT.actually i passed out in 2012.last time i faced many problems and built up me and failed to attend the gate.now am regaining my strength to prepare for GATE.i completed control systems remaining i have to plan and concentrate from now onwards.hope u il guide me..please guide me to achieve my goal

  123. Kingini said

    congrags ,
    i m gat2014 aspirant..next month is my joining date fr job,i m still in confusion to drop a year and go fr gate or to join job.financially stable family.didnt get good rank in last yrs gate..wat shud i do?

    • Raja said

      Hi , If the job is your dream , join the job and continue the preparation with any center , else leave the job and go for preparation . If family condition is good , then you can take some risk in your life . once the family start depends on you , you may have some problem with preparation which i had in my life

  124. Md Lahsanul Haque said

    hello friend i’m 4th year ece student and doing internship, but i don’t have more time for preparation for gate 2014 , plz guide me and i also have only gk publication book,if u have any study material then contact (haque7002@gmail.com) , plz guide me how i mange my time and complet whole syllabus .plz plz plz……

  125. Hello,

    First of all congratulation,time management while preparing for examination is very important aspects.

    Thank you.
    Coaching for GATE | Coaching Institutes for IES |GATE Preparation

  126. sathvara mayank said

    How to exactly prepare gate-2014 till to 3 months. How to prepare step by step procedure for during final year.Can i do complete gate-2014 book in 3 months.so i hope you complete prepare gate in 3 months.and which subject refer in gate-2014.

  127. anitha said

    Hi guys can anyone help me out to know whether using my gate rank can i do MS or its only for M.tech,M.sc and public sector jobs??????????????

  128. Rijo said

    I find this post as very good account of you journey to the top rank in GATE. It has given me a very good idea about the level of attention I must put in my GATE exams. Thanks:)

  129. Raja said

    Dear Friend thank you for your post .. passed out of 2008 . till date i was working in private corporate , i did say people tat i wish to do M.tech through Gate for sake . because i was not good at studies and preparation. after all struggle i came to a decision leave the job and prepare for exam . my notice period one month left . Is it possible to join any center after october ? is it good to join center then or should i prepare in home ?? what would be the good approach to neglect my unproductive time and to increase concentration in my preparation ?? .. Do my age would be a restriction in college counselling ??

    Than you

  130. Hi! Sujith, you are a real inspiration for all gate aspirants. I am currently in the 4th year ECE taking coaching at ACE (New Delhi branch) and am looking forward to join PSU through gate-2014. Its a really daunting task keeping in mind the competetion in ECE, Kindly suggest some good ways to be high on confidence as i think confidence is the most important thing for anyone to succeed

  131. sankalp said

    congrats…I’ve written gate twice…best 519

    This time in 2018 ill score 1st rank…my aim my style…I don’t give up…typical Indian..

    sankalp shukla
    JBM corporate

  132. Abhimanyu said

    Hello Sujith,
    Many Congrats,

    I am preparing for GATE 2014 and aim to get good rank.
    Just need your blessings Sir.

    Thanks and Regards

  133. shravankumar said

    Congrats sir,Iam an average student(eee) from nizamabad college.My college is not good and has low quality.Is it possible to me to get good marks(70-80) with 1year preparation for 2015.Iam 4year eee student with 77%

  134. nandhini said

    Sujith garu firstly congrats and all the best in your future.
    (1)Naaku november 30 tharvatha mee blog lo meeru vesukunna schedule kanipinchaledhu can you can please update.
    (2)Nenu oka ordinary 80% student ni campous selections lo select kala
    naaku deemed universites like IIITH, IIITB,SRM —– lo admission kosam ACE vallu icchina previous gate papers saripothaya? Daya chesi naaku teliyadhu ani anavaddhu meeku telisindhi chepthara?

  135. pranavandroid777 said

    Really great story of a Topper
    I read it many times, i am also in prefinal year
    i need more guidance from you, do you think it is possible please reply me at my mail.
    i will be honour to have a mail of not only topper but also a good man

  136. Bibin baby said

    Helo sir,i’m donig b.tech in electrical engg.i’m preparing for gate 2014.could please mail me tips and online pdf book available for gate.

  137. HEMANT said

    Inspirational Story. Informative. Best Wishes for Future

  138. rupa said

    can’t gate rank be scored while doing a job is it so difficult ?
    and is there any difference btn m.tech in india nd ms in other countries?

  139. Hi Sujith,

    My first step in my GATE preparation was reading your blog, tnx a lot.. I have to kick start my proceedings..

  140. Swati said

    I am preparing for GATE 2014 exam. I found this online course.
    Online GATE preparation for CS and IT. Please let me know if this is good.

  141. jyoti said

    congratz 🙂
    can u plz tell me where to study the last chapters of communication like random variable ,processes etc
    what shud we focus more on in these chapter :O
    do reply plz ..

  142. Karan Katte said

    Hi, Congrats 🙂 I am appearing for gate 2014 ECE.
    1) Do you think online test series are helpful for gate preparation?
    2) Which test series is good? ACE or Targate by GateForum?

  143. Hi Sujith,
    Thanks but now hardly thr s 2 months left.. how to prepare in last moment? those theories, problems? Pls help

  144. Yogesh said

    This time I didn’t appear for GATE but I Started preparation for GATE 2015 with JOB.
    I already have Job tensions a lot I don’t know How I will manage.
    I have among highest paying Job though I want to go for P.G.
    my current CTC is 11.00 lakh 3 yr exp.
    Should I leave job for full time GATE preparation or not ?
    I never appear for GATE before. I am from CS background.

  145. Swati Bais said

    Hi sujith,
    Thanks a ton for writing this blog. Had a question if u can help, I resigned from my job the previous month n joined ACE Hyderabad. There are only 3 months left for the GATE CSE n m really tensed if this much time is suffice for the preparation or not. I know I can do it if ill work hard but it ll b very kind of u if u can suggest me anything.

  146. juveria said

    Thanku so much for ur story.I wish it will help me to prepare for gate and how i have to spend time to get a good rank

  147. tania said

    hello sir…. is gkpublications book good for gate preparation ?

  148. Hi sujith,
    Have you ever felt that you are not going in the right direcon while you were preparing?
    What have you done to overcome these type of situations.

  149. Mohit said

    hello sujith,
    what was your score out of 100.?

  150. Madiha said

    Hey Sujith, m a journalist and have been trying to track you since the last two weeks. I am currently pursuing a story on GATE 2014 with inputs from GATE 2013 toppers.

    Since you have been the GATE 2013 topper with an AIR 1 in the field of ECE , we would like to have tips from you for the aspirants of GATE 2014. Can you please share your contact details, so that we I can get in touch with you.



  151. sukh said

    your blog is very useful for me which is give me relevant information about GATE Exam.Here we leave a comment for Gate Exam 214
    GATE Coaching in Chandigarh

  152. prashanth said

    please reply….can i get seat in IIT’S OR NIT’S through GATE by own preparation (without taking coaching)….. i am a ECE student….plz reply me

  153. prashanth said

    hi brother…
    i am 3rd year student of ECE…. Is it possible to get seat in IIT’S OR NIT’S by own preparation(without coaching)….please reply me brother….i wanna start own preparation….plz give ur precious answer….

  154. Can you tell me what marks you scored I just want to get a idea of how much paper is it reasonable to attempt

    u can relpy on my email id akashtrivedi1304@gmail.com

  155. Venkatesh said

    I would appreciate the thought of helping others by writing a blog for the aspirants of GATE. everytime i google (how to get a top 100 rank in gate) and see for the suggestions for preparing gate. but This time i found ur blog as my first result.Feeling fortunate to read this. nenu kuda TCS lo job chesthunnanu kani chala interest Mtech cheyalani.
    oka attempt ichi final yr lo oka attempt ichanu 3k rank vachindi.
    job lo join ayaka inko attempt ichanu 6k (2013) vachindi.sw job interst leka frustration tho vachi google chesanu. mee post chadivanu.then i felt inka na chethilo undi, inka nenu cheyagalanu ani confidence start aindi.
    kani na deggara only 4months unnay,
    only NPTEL video lectures tho pani avthunda without text books???
    Pls help…..!!!!!!!!!

  156. Hi Sujith. Congrats on your splendid achievement !!! My name is Abhijeet Pedgaonkar. I’m a GATE aspirant. Thank u very much for posting the list of standard books that you have followed. That has simplified my preparation to a large extent. I was searching for some trusted source, to find which books to follow without any hesitation or a second thought, and after a brief research I found your blog – exactly what I was looking for. So thank you. Can I know where did you do your B.Tech ? How is the academics in IIT? How is it different from any less reputed college? 🙂

  157. SRINIVAS said

    Hello brother, i have read the EBOOK ‘DIGITAL DESIGN BY MORRIES MANO’. In the first chapter he gave some problems with answers, there i found two problems, i am unable to solve those problems, please help me to solve those kind of problems. I am mentioning those problems below.
    1) Determine the base of the numbers in each case for the following operations to be correct:
    (a) 14/2 = 5 (b) 54/4 = 13 (c) 24 + 17 = 40.
    2) The solutions to the quadratic equation x 2 – 11x + 22 = 0 are x = 3 and x = 6. What is the
    base of the numbers?

    • Bala Murali said

      hi brother this is the solution for this pb.
      1a) consider base as x and convert this to decimal so numerator will be 4+x and denominator will be 2 and rhs is 5 solve for x similarly for 1b and 1c
      for 2nd pb use sum of roots = (-b/a) and product of roots is (C/a) using these properties this can be solved.

  158. Roni Rengit said

    Thanks Sujith! Congrats on your success.

  159. jones said

    you are very good in EMT …plz suggest me some points how should i prepare for this subject…..very deep study for this subject is necessary or not…plz rpy

  160. pallavi srivastava said

    thank u so much for such an motivating blog….

  161. Super-Tensed said

    Hi! I came across your blog during a random google search and connected quite well to i. Im in a terrible situation where-in i now only have 2 months to prepare and have hardly done anything! I had time tables and schedules and plans and failed to meet any of them and now im super tensed.Any advice / tips / or quick remedies for me 😦

    • yes ifyou are appearing in gate 2015 ece..the format will be the same focus on accuracy and believe in problems only…before going through any books take NPTEL lecture for each subjects…very easy exam easily one can score above 80 if one starts solving 100 problems from today remember my words it is a resolution promise

  162. SHUBHAM said

    sujith bhaiya..thnx alot ..your experince really motivate me very much.. i belong to d same branch as u…:) i m trying 4 d same..so will try my best…thnx

  163. manisha said

    which edition engg circuit analyses by hayt for network ?please clarify

  164. arunreddy said

    how to score well in verbal ability. . particularly antonyms and synonyms. . u said that u have gone through internet. .what should i do to score more in that. . ?

  165. arunreddy said

    this is arun from karimnagar. . how to guess answers of antonyms and synonyms. .plz reply. . .bhayya..

  166. Vino said

    Hi.. I am in 3rd year..i completed my 5th sem in the department of ece right now. I am going to write gate on 2015.i want to do my gate exam best like you..but i am away from city.i am not having much knowledge about gate.will you guide me? Do you know any best coaching centre in chennai ?when to start prepare? When does coaching centre starts coaching?whether its enough to use the books what u have mentioned above.i am having only 77 percent now.but i am having confident to do my gate best among the best.will it possible to do? will you help me?

  167. Bala Murali said

    Good morning brother,
    iam getting tense day by day but today dec 16 early morning when i read your instructions and suggestions really i inspired and getting confidence. i want to congratulate you for your success, your attitude and patience and helping nature truly inspiring. Thank you so much brother,iam ever greatful to you.

  168. Ankit Mehra said

    Hi Sujith,

    I planning to appear for Gate 2015. Can you please tell me how was your experience at Ace and how is Gateforum classes in terms of their course content and training.

  169. what should be the strategy for one month before GATE2014.???how to prepare in this moment…please reply sirr……..

  170. here shiven24 said

    its gonna be very helpfull for me… it inspired me alot… one of the thing I like is that you set your goal to get the #1 position…. 🙂
    sir hats -off….

  171. Dear Sujith,
    Your blog keeps on serving batches after batches of GATE aspirants.
    I am one among the GATE 2014 aspirants.
    It will be very helpful if can share your thoughts on how to cope with the social and familial activities during preparation at home.
    Your words made a lot of sense in this regard that goes “I did not mention any of the other problems that I faced in my life. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t face any. I had my own and I never wanted them to be excuses”. Hope a little bit of illustration, generic or specific, would make it easier to relate to and in turn solve others.
    Best wishes for your future endeavors, especially the big ones 😀

  172. sam said

    please can u send me ur maths material

  173. pavani said

    congrats sujith,

  174. pavani said

    how i can see nptel video classes when i open this site it giving only audio classes

  175. pavani said

    wish u a happy new year sujithkumar

  176. Nandha Kumar said


  177. ashutosh said

    hey hapy new year and really informative blog n i think u r very good in english congratulation buddy

  178. prachi said

    hello sujit.. tell a quick way to revise ..n wat u have joined iisc? or psu??

    • loki said

      he joined IIT Madras, MS by Research in VLSI

      • prachi said

        ok thnks 4 telling @loki

  179. SAUNAK SARKAR said


  180. nidhi said

    hello,i am nidhi from ece, i am preparing for gate 2014 yet now i don’t hv sufficient time for preparing each and evey subj.can u suggest me any good book by which i can prepare each subj.eaisly….

  181. diwakar said

    thanks brother this blog is very useful for me as am a final year student .god bless u

  182. mtubuzz said

    Thanks for sharing this article! Inspired me a lot.

  183. Sir, I an an average student and I want to know is this prove useful to solve unsolved questions of standard book.?

  184. Paridhi said

    how much mrks i need to bring in gate 2014 for PSU?

  185. Vee said

    Will it be sufficient if we practice problems from different books. Jst working out problems with alittle knowledge in the subjects.

  186. ece said

    whats the fee structure for ur course in iitm?per annum?

  187. biyyalas said

    Sujith!! {This is shishir, from narayana [inter]. Hope it rings a bell :)} Fantastic blog mama!! Congratulations!! Truly inspirational. Good luck with everything!

  188. Aditya said

    Sir , I want to give Gate 2015 attempt is it will be good to attend the crash course at ACe, Hyderabad currently I am in 3rd year and I do’t want to take drop.

  189. Bhushan said

    hi sujit
    i am going to attend 2014 gate. i don’t know my preparation is adequate or not. i am writing online mock gate exams. now i am getting 60 percentage marks . i want to get a good rank . suggest me what to do for these two weeks.

  190. Hariprasad said

    iam prepairing foa gate i need gate 2013 solutions of ec branch please send that matirial.
    And very amazing preparation iam also try to prepair like you..
    Thank you..

  191. abhishek bhardwaj said

    thanku sir for this wonderful post..i am a prefinal year student of ece…i think i dun have a very good base in ece..coz throughout my stay in college i focused on passing exams rather than understanding concepts..bt i think i am fit enough to survive gate.sir i dun have a facility of coaching near my college and its very difficult for me to join 1 coz of regular classes in my college.so i dun have time.so i am preparing from books u have mentioned on my own. Ur post is really motivating and this night i can feel away from any and every fear related to gate.thanku very much.stay blessed.

  192. parimala said

    It is really a good motivation to a student like me. I have studied in telugu medium until my tenth class.I can’t afford fees of coaching centers so I want to rely on my self study comletely but sometimes I am losing faith in me. Riht n ow I am in 3rd year with good academic background. Can you suggest me how to start my preparation from now it self.

  193. thejasvi said

    sir can you give me the soft copy of your notes please

  194. Praveen kumar said

    Thank u fr ur valuable suggestions … i am gng to attempt thz year GATE EC 2014 , nly 2 dys left , . how to keep mind relaxed 1 day before exam . plz tel ?

  195. kiki :) said

    thanks a lot! i do read ur blog now and then and i hope i had gone through good xperiencez.. which helped me a lot!hoping for the best!!!

  196. neha d said

    congrats sir!! i am in 6 sem now.i want to prepare for gate but dont want to join any tuition classes bcoz of my hectic schedule nd health problems.so plz guide me to prepare for gate at home.

    • Sam said

      You must solve problems and problems. Get all books of rk kanodia on gate ec and collect all your text books. Start solve problems from rk kanodia books and if you find any difficulty, refer text books.

  197. first of all congrats sir
    sir actually i m be final year student and my situation much or less similar to you intially i thought to write gmat and cat and then i feel my btech degree is totally waste if i opt for any mba , i m writing gate 2014 with just 15 days prepartion so now i just want to qualify and decided to write next year
    as i m placed in cts and i am not sure but joining may be in month of nov 15 or latter as our seniors joining takes almost a year plus 2 months so i am confused that if joining date came in between my prep , what should i do , should i join and continue or left it . as i am not aware of types of work and it consequence .. as it come at last stage of my prep how much it effect ? plz suggest me something best for my situation looking to hear from you

  198. Bhargava said

    I read your blog and joined off the coaching..U inspired me … One question.I am weak in mathematics (Speed and accuracy) but good in concepts.Could you help me out how to make myself stronger in mathematics (aptitude and engineering maths).Plss suggest me some tips and books.Thank you

    • gopal said

      hii bhargava….i am also facing da same problem….would u like to have a small chat…i am preparing for gate 2015

      • Bhargava said

        sure bro.. @bhargava333@gmail.com ..Please ping me..we will work out on the concepts together 🙂

  199. ariit mitra. said

    which institute is best for gate & psu’s for electrical stream.. ACE hyderabad or MADE EASY delhi

  200. sagar ghosh said

    hello sir,
    u inspire me a lot to work hard for gate 15 ……
    hope i get ur reply because i really need ur suggestion…….
    i m frm mechanical branch but got a job offer from HSBC GLT….. now i m thinking of joining the company from august…… i m really interested in clearing gate and entering into iits….. is it possible to work in a software firm and prepare mechanical gate exam at the same time….

  201. hello big brother… your journey of topping gate has become a true inspiration for me. your story is almost the same as mine. i appeared in gate 2013 . i was a 4th year student then and i qualified with 30 marks. then i worked very hard for the 2014 gate and just like you messed up in exam even though my preparation was good…i was able to solve the problems but my speed was not enough and i could not even see 15 questions. the results wiil be out on 28th march..hope to get 40 marks. but that is not satisfactory because i want to get a psu job and not m.tech…..i will work much more harder and will get the top rank in gate 2015..thanks for providing confidence to all the mediocre students like me….
    by the way forgot to mention my stream is electrical.
    thanks a ton . do reply

  202. Saanchi said

    can’t believe it man that i read this much big blog without skipping any word, without loosing concentration. I went through a very nice journey with you by this blog. well, Can you give me your email id. really inspired . proud of you. 🙂

  203. Rohit Jain said

    Hi Sujith

    Nice to know about your achievement and success. I have something really interesting for you and other GATE aspirants. Please let me know your coordinates ( phone number of email) so that i can get in touch with you to discuss this further.


  204. rider said

    I have seen my gate 2014 yesterday night………hopeless result
    AIR 20877,my first attempt…..have done many mistakes during preparation and now suffering frustration and i randomly clicked the link which made me to read this blog which gave me a new hope to start from beginning……..I don’t know where u r and what r u doing….but I convey my heartful congratulations and my sincere thanks for this blog.

  205. Kirtika said

    Very inspiring successful incident.Really hard work pays. Congrats!!!!!

  206. kiran said

    i want get a rank below 100. how to plan my preparation

  207. harinibagusetty said

    Good inspiration for the gate students . . thank you for sharing your experience and preparation strategies . .

  208. Akshaya said

    great no more words…

  209. pankaj e. ipar said

    congrats sujith, u r real hero n more impotantly gud inspirational…


    hello sujit…first of all i want to thank you so much…from last 1 year i strictly followed your method…and in gate 2014 i got air 543, i know its too wacky to say in front of air 1 but whatever i gain..i want to dedicate to you…THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR WRITING THIS BLOG !

  211. vidyut singhania said

    Hi Sujit!
    Really liked your post and found it to truly very inspiring. 🙂
    In fact, could you please help me out ?
    I gave GATE 2014 in CSE and have managed to get an average rank of AIR 3501. While I know that it’s NOWHERE near as good as AIR 1, I would like to know your advice as to how I should proceed further – as in, which colleges, if so, will I be eligible for ? Also, do you know of any foreign universities which accept candidature based on one’s GATE score ?
    Will really appreciate any guidance you have to offer a novice like me.

  212. saniya said

    congratulations sujith………….very thoughtful n generous of u 2 b sooooooo selfles n helpin………congo!!!!!! dis very idea of urs 2 motivate oders is an oder victory in d buks of kgoodnes……thnk u……

  213. jinal said

    hi congratulations…I am currently in my 2nd year btech…when do you think is the right time to join coaching institutes if you don’t want to take a drop after 4th year?…Do you think coaching is necessary?

  214. shreya singh said

    sir i am in 2 year which kind of text material i should follow?

  215. ankit jain said

    very appreciate..

  216. Nikhil patel said

    Sir plese upload your complete notes in PDF format in your website

  217. Ramachandra said

    May be you are succeded so many times in life so that made you study more and made you to get rank in gate but I don’t.please suggest me how I should study consistantly without any distraction and give some short tips to get good rank in gate.

  218. sai Prakash said

    Hello sujith sir u r so humble n kind to share ..
    . Its an inspiring n energizing experience reading the entire blog..I m from vizag n opting to go for ace in vizag m at d end
    Of. 3rd year ..plz. suggest me. How to start n go ahead ….

  219. hi sujith, did you got 1 year experience certificate at noida.

  220. Areen said

    I am a graduate of 2013 in cse engineering. I wanted to pursue mtech from a nice college but my entrance exam (GATE 2013) rank was poor and i couldnt manage to. I had then joined a company as a trainee software engineer. Its a year now that i have joined but i am feeling now that i have not learnt anything in this tenure. Besides, the work doesnt interest me as its more of a stereotype work and no brainstorming to do.my office hours are 7 30 am to 4 30 pm and i come home by 6 30 pm. I dont have work at office and everyday i have to kill time as am idle.reading newspapers arent allowed in the office. I am planning to take up the preparation for GATE 2015 once again and want to get a v good score as i want to shift to the research sector. Is this what IT sectors are like? No work and just killing time, pretending that u are working a lot? my first job has nipped the blossom in the bud of my interest towork in an IT firm. Now i want to start studying seriously for the exam. I have decent understanding of the basics. I was wondering if i should quit my job around september which would leave me with 6 months to prepare, meanwhile i keep preparing in the time i am back from office. But after office i am too exhausted to study. I tried studying a few days with a lot of determination, but then when i reach office, all my motivation is lost when i return home that day as there is no competitive environment around. Or should i continue my job?and how do i get the determination to study..

  221. upasana said

    your story really inspired me a lot.thanks

  222. These tips and tricks are just amazing, I hope these tips will help my fellows, thanks for the blog and keep writing your experience in this blog.

  223. Hello, I am really appreciate your ideas, I hope it will help me lot for further preparation, I really like your way of studying.

    Thanks a lot.

  224. shirisha said

    hello sir…i wrote gate2014 n got 8000 rank.(only prepared at the end).. am a 2013 passed out…ur post has inspired me a lot…and now am determined to give one more try with complete preparation since the beginning….am in a confusion…whether to sit alone n prepare agian or to join m.tech if i get o.u or jnth… n prepare parallel..

  225. ary said

    Hi, am actually preparinf for GATE 2015, but not getting enough time to prepare due to my office work. should i quit my job?

  226. saikrishnap said

    Congrats sir.ur blog really inspired me.
    Tomorrow im going to join for gate classes…..
    So today I searched about gate top rankers how they r prepared and their feelings…I hope this information will helped me a lot in future for better rank.onceagain congrats.

  227. Adi said

    Now that is what I call real motivation 😀 (Sir, you should try Motivational speeches too)
    It makes an impression that ‘Anybody can TOP, depends on your attitude’ which is the essence. Usually what we see in toppers are god gifted people, but your example clearly shows hard work is as much important, given your earlier ranks which were *cough cough* average. Just perfect example for us.

  228. joydeep said

    Reaaly inspiring ..thanks

  229. Mitesh Agrawal said

    Your blog is really motivating and congrats for ur result…..
    I have materials of Ace,Gateforum,Made easy, and schaums series…..
    I am sure that i can completely study these materials before my gate-2015…..
    I just wanted to know that whether this will be enough or i should go even for reference books…..
    Plz reply asap…..

  230. Mitesh Agrawal said

    Your blog is really motivating and congrats for your brilliant success…..
    I have materials of Ace,Gateforum,Made easy, and Schaums series…..
    I am sure that i can study these materials completely before my gate -2015…..
    I just wanted to know whether these materials will be sufficient or i should even go for reference books…..
    Plz reply asap…..

  231. Megha Wadhawan said

    thnx for the information…how one can do self preparation for gate??

  232. amit parashar said

    thanx man,u r really motivating and thanx again.u r doing a wonderful job by giving tips to others.do it forever

  233. Murugaraj said

    Hi Sujith brother,
    This is Raj,preparing for gate using Kanodia.
    In communication systems-amp modulation, I couldn’t find some of the concepts in Hawkins book ,asked in kanodia questions. What I need to do when I don’t find problem related concepts in text books. Your comment will help me lot.

  234. asdf said

    i got admission in IISC…..
    how will be the course work there

    • Narasimha Rao said

      how can i prepare the communication subject. and in that subject probability of error calculation makes me very default ,how can i get through that. for probability problems what is stranded text book should i fallow?

  235. Narasimha said

    how can i prepare the communication subject. and in that subject probability of error calculation makes me very default ,how can i get through that. for probability problems what is stranded text book should i fallow?

  236. darshan gohil said

    wether GATE’s classes is better over the self preparation

  237. […] A GATE AIR-1’s preparation : Want to know how an AIR-1 GATE ECE candidate prepares? I learnt few lessons from Sujith and applied it to my own preparation. […]

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